Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Plans

My scheduling plan is working pretty good so far.  I got a little sidetracked on Thursday working on a patchwork quillow design when I should've been cutting out aprons and things.  I like to have something to hand quilt at all times and I had absolutely nothing so I allowed myself to finish this project up.  I got the quilt block pattern from Quilter's Cache (great site!) and modified the block a bit.  It was originally called "Philiadelphia Pavement" (16" block), and the fabric collection was called "Mint Chocolate".  I didn't really like either one, and I had already changed-up the pieces of the block which prompted me to change the name.

My daughter and I came up with "Charleston Harbor".  It has the colors of the shore and the sea and it is, after all, made in South Carolina! :)

I made up for my slack on Thursday by doing lots and lots of cutting out of aprons and tote bags and such.  My back and neck paying for it this weekend, though.

I've scheduled myself to sort and organize my scraps this afternoon and I REALLY don't want to do it....but, I must!!!  The scrap basket that sits under my cutting table is overflowing

and I have three more boxes of scraps looming in the closet!......*sigh*

I've seen other quilters' suggestions for organizing and sorting and I just don't have a perfect solution for myself, but I think I'll probably just sort them by color into some large ziploc bags....any other suggestions?  I'd love to be able to afford nice clear tubs for all the color groups and such, but I need to keep it low cost.

My oldest daughter turns 26 tomorrow and our youngest daughter is coming home again this weekend to help celebrate.  I'm making an italian dish for lunch and then I've made her a peanut butter cheesecake for dessert - she still hasn't had her fill of chocolate & peanut butter!  I'm hoping we'll be able to convince the hubby to play a game of Cranium this afternoon, too!  It's a yucky, rainy day outside - perfect for staying indoors by a cozy fire and playing games together!!

Next week's schedule involves a bit more sewing to give my body a rest from standing up at the cutting table all day....perhaps I can get back to making these cute little puffy sleeves!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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