Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm trying my darndest to keep my internet surfing to a minimum because I need to be sewing!!!  I need to be re-stocking the shelves of my shop with all sorts of little sewn goodies and things, but some days it's just hard to focus.  I've found that to do this, I actually need to schedule my duties in a desk calendar!

Everything from making an attempt to organize my scrap basket to cutting out aprons!
If you didn't notice, I'm dreading January 21st!  I've scheduled that day to do paperwork and that includes taxes - paying sales tax for my business, sending out 1099s for my husband's contractors, year end procedures for the company books....yuck.  Nonethless, it needs to be done and no one else is going to do it!

On a brighter note, I got 3 packages in the mail today!

Fabric for a custom quillow for a returning customer (those are the best kind!)

Cozy red velour ballerina slippers to wear on Fridays while I'm working in my studio

and the best of all....

YES - Pioneer Woman Cooks!!!

I dropped plenty of hints around the house that this would be a choice Christmas gift for yours truly, but no one picked that one, I bought it for myself!  My husband teases me incessantly about my adoration of Pioneer Womand and her recipes...I do mention her quite a bit, but, you have to admit it, she's great!  Funny, beautiful and very talented in blogging, photography and cooking!

Speaking of cooking, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte was just OK....not really a keeper.  The batter (if you can even call it that) was very dry and dense.  I had to add 1/4 cup of water just to stir it!  I thought it was humorous that the instructions tell you to "whisk" the batter....HA!  And then they expect you to "pour" it into the baking pan....GLOP is more like it!  All in all, it tasted fine, if you can get past how dense it is - kinda like a slightly dry and heavy brownie.  We toughed it out, though!  :)

So glad tomorrow is Friday, even though my desk calendar schedule says I have to clean house...bummer.


Pokey said...

As far as blogland, I'm with you! It is-dare I say- addicting-! I have learned a LOT, but I want to see more. Instead, I need to DO more.
Love the red slippers, BTW

:-} Pokey

Kathleen said...

The "Taxes" jumps right out at you! Cute slippers.

Rae Ann said...

Jenn! I loved your advice about the calendar. I think that would be a great asset to me in helping me stay focused. I sometimes do just like you, and stay a little long on the computer to see all that is going on in blogland. But this last week I was busy teaching a Schnibbles class and quilting, so I didn't do to bad! I actually finished a project that I will show next week.

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