Friday, April 16, 2010

Apron Fever?

I've had a bit of apron fever lately

....can't seem to stop making aprons or wanting to make aprons or even putting together color and pattern combinations for aprons out of my stash.

Yes.  You heard me - Stash!  I haven't bought new fabric in a few weeks and I'm trying to pull as much as possible from my stash.

Speaking of stash, I re-organized my fabric closets once again yesterday.
The OLD arrangement

I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but I was sick and tired of finding the bolt I wanted at the bottom of the stack or in the stack behind the stack in front.  Actually I was cutting fabric for a customer and wishing I had a shop to sell my fabric out of, when it hit me - why don't I just stack my fabric like they do in the fabric shops - on end!!!  DUH!!
New, improved arrangement!

So, now it is much easier to select a bolt!
I've still got to do my other closets, though...not to mention the stacks of tumbling scraps and pieces....a never ending chore!

Anyway, back to the aprons.....

I've gone crazy and I believe I have 19 aprons for sale in my Etsy shop!!!  Yesterday it was 20 but a customer purchased a lovely yellow and gray one for her mother - in Tokyo!!!

Maybe it's not apron fever and I'm just getting ready for Mother's Day!!!  Yeah - that's it!  It is only 3 weeks away, you know!

Take a peek and see if you like something!


Pokey said...

Boy, Jenn, these are all beautiful, and from a stash on bolts, no less! Amazing!! You have put together a winner in every one of these, I'm so glad for your finishes. I hope they all sell.
Hey, You don't have a "jelly roll", I don't have bolts!
:-} love, pokey

Kathleen said...

Your aprons are so pretty. And your new fabric arrangement looks great... so much fabric!

P. said...

Those aprons are SO CUTE, every last one of them! Secondly, can I just shop your stash? :)

Sew It UP! said...

A proper lady never just has one apron.... so they tell me. LoL Now you have one for every day of the week!

Love all of your aprons! Great colors/combos. You are going to sell these quickly.

Karen said...

Gosh you have been busy whipping up some fabulous aprons. Great job.

Kristen said...

These are great! I love the fabric choices!

Dayna said...

These made me squeal! (On the inside, of course. I don't want to scare my family.) Your aprons are fabulous!!

Michelle said...

You know I'm not really an apron person, but yours are wonderful! I love your color combinations. You've got a good eye. I bet they don't last long in your etsy shop.

Heather said...

Very pretty aprons! Hope you sell lots! :o)

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