Monday, April 5, 2010

Scenes from a Wedding

After a hard week of framing on the construction project, we had a relaxing weekend celebrating the wedding of my husband's cousin, Jason, and Amanda.

How many people can say they chopped down a tree the day before they got married?  Jason can!!!

The 'menfolk' gather at Gramma's house to pick her up and escort her to the church.

"...I'm too sexy for my glasses..."

My son, Jeff, and I don't get to see each other too often, so we sat together at the wedding and goofed off with my camera before the ceremony began

Taking pictures of Rachel and Jennifer sitting across the aisle

While she took pictures of us sitting across the aisle

Watching Gramma Baker and Johnnie Mae totally in awe of this public adventure.  We chatted with them afterwards and determined that the last time they went to a wedding was probably mine and Bill's - 17 years ago!!!

We watched Jason wait with his dad, Harold (aka, "Jorge") - both grim-faced - for the bride to arrive...."C'mon guys!  It's a wedding!"  :)

Finally, the beautiful bride arrives and the ceremony begins

Afterwards, I had to have a picture of the girls as they were part of the wedding, too.  Rachel handed out the programs and Jennifer tended to the guest book.  They are so pretty in their new dresses!

Add the baby for a complete picture of my "chickens"

So, then we head to the reception which is at the local country club

The bride and groom enter - isn't she lovely?

I practiced my artistic-ness (is that a word?) by taking pictures of their first dance from the viewpoint of their table.

We enjoyed a stand-up snacky meal at a cocktail table - a lot of fun and laughs occurred at this little table!!!  These are the times you I cherish!!!

Posing with my handsome man...

...and my friend, Debbie.  I don't have very many close friends at all, but Debbie is one of the few and I love her dearly!!!

And then the happy couple sailed off into the sunset on a really big boat!

Wish it were me doing the sailing!!


Pokey said...

Fun! You have beautiful kids. How nice to have them home for the wedding (and Easter!)

a little bit of everything said...

Very nice photos! Everyone seemed to enjoy what looks to have been a lovely day. It is always a joy to have the whole family together at the same time!

Kathleen said...

Your "artistic" photo looks great... bet the bride and groom will love it. Sounds like a wonderful time.

Ann said...

great photos, gives me a chance to see my grandchildren as well as you and Bill. But the snacky meal photo looks like Jeff is putting the celery stick and dip into his nasal cavity rather than into his mouth. You do a nice blog, very interesting and beautiful pics. Mom

Pat said...

Some really great photos, Jenn. Where do you find the time for all this: work, work AND a blog! xox Pat

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