Friday, April 2, 2010

A Family Weekend

I had a wonderful past couple of days with my mother!  She came down on Thursday evening and spent some time with me until I had to take her to the airport yesterday as she is going to England for a couple of weeks to spend time with my brother and his family.

Blossoms from the peach tree in our back field

We spent most of Friday in our pajamas just talking and catching up.  I think we lingered until about 2 or 3 in the afternoon!  I can't remember the last time I 'wasted' a day like that!  It felt so good!

At that point, we both agreed we needed to accomplish something so we dressed in our yucky clothes and headed out to the yard to clean up the gardens.

My friend, Sheri, lives in Washington state and somehow got her hands on red crocs that had North Carolina State University logos on them - she sent them to me and I am wearing them for Red Shoe Fridays which she is promoting for her Red Shoes for Rwanda charity.  If you haven't already done so, please take time to stop by her blog and find out what it's all about - it's truly worth your time and even a small pledge or donation!  Click here or on the Red Shoes button on my sidebar .

They are a bit big, so I have to put the strap around the back of my foot to hold them on, but they are excellent garden shoes!  Mom says she thinks thats what crocs started out being anyway!!

My flower beds were overgrown and the perennials were having a hard time coming through,


...but once we got it all cleaned up, it looked so nice!


Frankie, Mom's cat whom I am babysitting now while she is away, was there to keep us company

although all he really wanted was to be petted!

Aunt Judy also showed up and chatted with us for a while.  Again, it was so nice to not have a schedule and to just relax and do something fun for a change.

We took Mom to the airport in Charlotte yesterday and on the way home, my #2 daughter, Rachel, and I stopped by a few stores and found a nice dress for me to wear to Jason and Amanda's wedding tomorrow.  It needs a press-job badly, but it does look cute on me!  :)

It's been a few years since I went clothes shopping for myself and I don't think I've ever gone with my daughter!  It was a real treat!

I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend as it will be a full one - full of fun, that is!
Tonight is date night with my husband while everyone else is at the rehearsal dinner and I'm hoping if we're not too worn out from construction work, that he'll want to go see "Clash of the Titans" after dinner.

Then tomorrow is the wedding and my son is coming home for that AND he's staying for Easter lunch on Sunday!  That means all my 'babies' will be home and we can have a nice, big family dinner!!!

Right now I need to grab a bite of lunch and head to the construction project and help my husband for the remainder of the day.  Jason and Harold are only working half day today as they need to get ready for the rehearsal dinner tonight.  I've had several days break from construction work and it's high time I got back in the swing and pitched in.

I hope your weekend is a wonderful one!   Happy Easter!


Pokey said...

Such a happy post! It is always nice when down time comes with good visits, family, and a little productivity. May God bless your Easter, He is risen, Indeed!

Rae Ann said...

Happy Easter Jenn! Have a great time at the wedding and being with your family.
Aren't we so thankful for Christ and his Atonement.

Kathleen said...

Just awesome that you have all your kids home at once... special times.

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