Monday, April 12, 2010

Patchwork Quillows

I really love making quilts but they don't sell very well - too pricey, I guess.  So, to satisfy my quilting desires I make patchwork quillows.  Basically, they're just lap-sized quilts but they have that handy little 'folds into a pillow' feature that seems to be very popular with certain folks.  I get orders from people all the time that have owned quillows that are totally worn out and need to find a replacement.  I love being the person they come to for that!

Above is a picture that a customer took and sent to me of her cat, Lolly.  As soon as the quillow arrived, the cat approved and determined it was going to be her new sleeping cushion!

My husband is the one that encouraged me to make patchwork quillows, or what he calls, "Grandma style" quillows.  You know, the traditional quilt look that grandmas make!

Anyway, I typically hand tie my standard quillows but I like to hand quilt the patchwork quillows.
Here is a completed one that I am in the process of quilting....sunny blues and yellows!

I got the pattern from amanda jean with

This past Saturday we had a craft show and I sold two patchwork quillows.  I can't seem to make enough of them and every year I sell out!!!  I'm trying to keep them in stock this year, but I'm not having much luck - not a bad thing, right!!!  :)

Anyway, on Sunday, I designed a new one to start filling the empty slots.

I like to keep these simple so I can turn them out pretty quickly.
I've had these fabrics for quite some time and they just came together well in this design.

Every new patchwork quillow I complete, I try my best to come up with a unique name for it in addition to an easy hand quilting pattern.  I don't like to hand quilt in circles and loops too much because that requires me to keep turning and turning the quilt!!  Again - I like to keep it simple!

I participated in Jane's Red and Aqua swap last year and enjoyed making a patchwork quillow out of those blocks.  It's always fun to have a quillow with a story and this one told of blocks contributed by ladies all over the world!!!  The person who bought the quillow was totally amazed at it's story ~ actually, I think that's why she chose it over the others she was looking at!

I have more of the red and aqua blocks and perhaps I'll have enough to make another quillow like it.

I've also got a few more ideas churning in my head for fabrics in my stash, but no time at present to work on them...guess I'll have to wait until we get more done on the construction project!....shucks

You can see all of my patchwork quillows still available here on my website.

Happy Quilting!


a little bit of everything said...

They are all beautiful!

Robin said...

How much do you charge for quilts? Do you still make them? I love the red and aqua idea!

Robin said...

How much do you charge for your quilts? Do you still do them? I love the red aqua idea!

Silvia Jacinto said...

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the deepness of my heart and it made me sentimental. Thanks for posting. Visit my site too.

Yose Abramovic said...

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