Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Iron Woes

I'm rough on irons.

I'm constantly knocking it over, bumping it on the iron board, and just the wear and tear of using it all day, every day as sewing is my livelihood.

In the past I have tried to find an iron that met all my needs and requirements in addition to being such luck.  I did stumble upon this one a few years ago and it has stuck.

I like it because it is heavy, glides smoothly, and best of all, the shut off timer lasts 15 minutes!  Most irons are about 8 minutes.

Luckily, this iron is available for only $30 at K-mart (I've seen it other places, too).  So, the last time I needed a new iron, I bought two!!  One of them was malfunctioning so I cashed in on the warranty and for $6 shipping, they sent me a brand new one.  They required that I cut off the plug on the old iron and mail it into them before they issued the new iron - I guess this is to prove your iron is trashed and to insure you aren't just trying to get a free iron for nothing.

I read about people who have a trusty iron that has lasted them several years and I keep hoping I'll run into such an iron, but I realize that as much as I use my iron, I don't think there is one out there that will last ME for more than a couple of years!  So, even though I still go through at least one iron per year, I'm only spending $30 per year!  I can deal with that!

My last iron started leaking a bit too much so I decided to can it and open a new one - of course it's because I knocked it just a little too hard on the side of the ironing board so this was my fault and not a malfunction of the unit.  I just opened my last one and am loving the feel of a brand new iron!  I guess it's time I headed to K-mart to stock up on a couple more!


Kathleen said...

I need a new iron... I think I'll try that one...

Jan said...

I have an iron that I hate, but it just won't die, the bugger. I'm thinking of a new one, anyway and just give this one to Goodwill.

Kim said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh ha ha
Steve Martin with Brown hair!
And your line up of irons in the boxes :0)

I haven't thought about my iron in it really has lasted
this time. Its a cheap Rowenta from Target......maybe 5 years old now..oh my you I iron everyday!

Happy Sewing

Red Shoes for Rwanda said...

Jenn! Missed you! Or thought you weren't posting...blogger hasn't been letting me know that you've done a new post. Anyways, hope you are doing well. You MUST get a steamer from Walmart! They are only about $30 and with all of Johns Business clothes it has saved my life! I love it!
Love the aprons...noticed the wine and cookbooks in the background and immediately missed you more. Sigh...
Well, hope your weekend is wonderful and I'll remember to just try to come to your blog and check it out everyday.

nicoledemana said...

I think there is an iron imp who comes in the night and cream crackers the iron lol mine suddenly start to stick to every thing why? I have three irons on the go at the min but all stick dam it.....

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