Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Joys

Wow!  It's simply a beautiful Sunday morning!
The weather is just right so we can sleep with our bedroom windows open, tucked under our quilt with the cool breezes flowing through the room.  Ahhhhhh!  I love Spring!

Woke up this morning to my roses blooming at the front porch!  I'm surprised they look so good because I am terrible at pruning and cultivating them.  I did spray some bug repellent on them about a week ago becuase the aphids were settling in for a nice big meal on all the buds, and luckily, that nipped it in the bud! (ha ha)

I wish I had more time to play in my gardens.  My tomato and pepper seedlings are coming along nicely.

The pepper plants came up much later than the tomatoes

I've bought some manure/organic humus to turn into the bed out back and need to find time to at least get that area ready for transplant.  Bill was a little surprised when I announced to him last week that I had six bags of poop in the back of my car and would he kindly remove them for me!  :)  I know, I'm gross!

We had a heart-to-heart about the construction project on Friday and he's really feeling some anxiety about getting it done in the time allotted.  He has taught me plumbing and electrical and I really need to make time to be there helping him with these items as much as possible.  So, I'm definitely going to have to shelve the sewing for several weeks.  Plumbing and electrical are not too hard - at least compared to framing, which we just finished.  So, I am thankful for that and will try again to maintain a positive attitude.

We had a wonderful time at a craft show yesterday.  It was a rather small show and we've been there for 3 years in a row, but I think this was one of the slowest years.  No one seemed to be buying anything from anyone.  It's always held around the second weekend of April, which is right after tax day, and I realized yesterday that perhaps that is why it is always a 'slow' show....folks just had to send off their tax payments!!!

But, despite the lack of sales, we had a wonderful time!  We always do!  The mood always starts out soggy as we have to get up pretty early after grudgingly loading the truck the night before.  But, by the time we get our booth set up and settle into meeting our fellow vendors, the fun begins!  It was a sunny day, and not too hot but we both got nice farmer's tans!

They had carriage rides this year and as soon as Bill saw the horse and groomsman arrive, he was reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes on a job as a groomsman, carting people around New York City in his horse and carriage.  Bill jokingly wondered if this groomsman had fed his horse Beef-a-rinos or if the horse's name was Rusty.  Before I knew it, he had stood up and walked over to him and did just that!!! He has no shame and no concept of embarrassment!!!  What a hoot!

Nope - the man had never seen that episode, but they did get a chuckle out of it!

The horse was gorgeous, though.  I think someone said it was a Belgian Drafthorse.

It's always fun to watch Bill interact with people at craft shows - especially the children.  He has a little finger puppet that he plays with and people (children AND adults) often think it is real!

This little girl was so sweet and she loved petting the little bear!  She couldn't decide if it was real, though.

He also had fun playing hand games with the children while they waited for a ride on the train.

This little fellow was sporting an antique buggy.  His grandfather found it in an old barn and restored it for him....original color, too!  I got him to pose for me, although we couldn't get him to wave.

So today, since I won't be able to do much sewing this weekend, I thought I might make myself something out of one of these charm packs I bought recently....but which one????  Any votes??

Frankie let his choice be known quickly.

Confirming his decision by sitting on it

Or was he just vying for my affections?

I think so!

Have a great Sunday afternoon!!


Kathleen said...

You PAID for manure! We would give it away! Had one gardener that brought his pickup truck and filled it. Twice.

All your wares made for pretty pictures.

Lucky you with six charm packs (all winners) from which to choose. I like the large scale of Boutique. Whichever you pick, have fun!

randi---i have to say said...

the flowers are lovely! ours are just starting to make an appearance (leaves only, so far) and i can't wait to see some blooms!

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Sounds like you had a great time if not a great may be right about tax time.Trish

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

I have invited you to play a game.Trish

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