Wednesday, July 21, 2010

...and on...

Another day with something accomplished - feels good!!

Now, isn't that much better?  I think so!  I got all three closets cleaned out and re-organized.  These are the casualties that went to the thrift store

All except the bear, of course.  He's mine and I've had him since I was a kid - can't sleep without him!
While I was digging thru my work-out clothes drawer I was excited to find my pedometer!
I'm a huge Survivor fan and I bought this many, many years ago, but thought my son had borrowed it and lost it....shows you how much I've been wearing the clothes in that drawer!!!  I immediately started wearing it and logged over 4500 steps yesterday! I definitely need to get back to exercising!!

Today, for my fabulous feat of to-do-list-crossing-off I think I will work on the drapes my daughters have commissioned me to make for their apartment.
These fabrics have been sitting in the corner of my sewing room for at least a month, waiting until I had time to devote to window treatment sewing.  Well, now I have time!  YAY!
My daughters have the cutest apartment and live about an hour north of us.  We visited them on Father's day and I truly enjoyed seeing how they have decorated their place.
Here are a few pictures of their digs...
Rachel has devoted one wall of her bedroom to her favorite quotes

I think it's so creative and such an inspiration to wake up and be reminded of important things!

She also collects postcards and has framed them in this unique fashion - most of them have probably come from my mother who loves to send postcards from places she travels to.

I was absolutely tickled to see that Rachel hung up this picture I made for her when she was a little girl - I had totally forgotten about it and was glad to see she still had it.

They both have become fluent in the kitchen and that makes me a proud mama!!  Growing up, they really didn't like to cook that much and perhaps that's because they didn't want to be in the kitchen with me!  So, I was absolutely tickled that they decided to save themselves money and start cooking all their meals in lieu of eating out.
Our oldest daughter, Jennifer, took on the decoration of the kitchen and dining room - I love it!!
She made a lovely italian meal for her daddy - it was so delicious!
She started with a spinach dip appetizer...
...which we enjoyed while sitting around their cozy living room
The main course was Italian sausages swimming in tomatoes with bowtie pasta and Caesar salad!  YUM!

They treated their dad royally!!
Then we had the opening of the father's day gifts

After enjoying a wonderful meal, and watching Bill unwrap his socks :) we went to a movie - it was a great way to celebrate Father's Day with the people I love.  Unfortunately, our son, Jeff, wasn't able to be there as he's been in Florida with Campus Outreach...he finally gets to come home this coming weekend.  I hope to see him soon and hear about his summer adventures - here he is (in the background) doing his impression of Joe Dirt!!  It makes me laugh every time I see this picture!!

Last night I made a little progress on my civil war quilt blocks.

I am really enjoying this pattern!

Hope your day is a lovely one wherever you are!



Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Gosh ...where to start with this very newsy post?

Congratulations on taming your cupboard monsters .....Great job !

Your daughters' apartment (we call them flats or units here ) is very chic as are your daughters. As is the food they cooked for their Dad.

And as for your son - he's doing fancy dress there right? Please tell me that's fancy dress...

Love your civil war blocks- seems many people are doing CW quilts at the moment. Maybe I should do one too. (Wow if I put that on my list - that's about 4376 quilts to make before I die )

sewtakeahike said...

wow Jenn! You have lots going on in your life! Love your reorganizing, it looks so much happier! And your pics of dinner at your daughters are so fun!

trish said...

Your organizing looks fabulous!! Doesn't it feel wonderful?! :o)
How much fun that your daughters have their own place and can have you all over for dinner. :o) Their drapes are going to be gorgeous! I love what you are doing with the grommets. I am so "un-hip" in my decor. I love a country cottage look. :o)

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