Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Change of Pace...and Scenery!

I journeyed up to the jobsite yesterday afternoon and they had just finished pulling out the girders.

The lumber that used to be holding up the house was neatly stacked up on the truck next to the hydraulic jacks.

and the house foundation now has holes on both ends.

But, the porches are complete (at least the block part is) and all that lacks is to fill in those holes.

So, I went on my merry little way to Wal-mart and when I returned, this is what I saw...

VOILA~! A complete foundation!  We celebrated right away by eating fried chicken, purchased fresh from the local gas station, on the tailgate of the truck - you can't beat that, now can ya!

Now we can do this (I'm not allowed to say it on my blog as I have a somewhat paranoid husband)  :)

We had lunch with our son today and it was definitely wonderful to catch up with him since he's been in Florida with Campus Outreach for two months.

Sorry it's a bad pic - I was trying to be sneaky and took it with my camera.

Anywhoooooo....we're now happily settled in and this is what it looks like from my vantage point right now

I should have some better scenery tomorrow!  :0)

That bright spot in my closet is something I just HAD TO make when all my Jennifer Paganelli fabrics arrived yesterday.

I engineered my own hippy strip skirt to wear on vacation - oops!!

Bear is holding a piece of trash - at least that's what it was until I realized I could use it.

You see, it was my practice piece for the flower quilting I was doing yesterday and it really looked yukky so I had tossed it in the garbage in my sewing room, but then I realized I needed a pouch for my laptop components (mouse, jump drive, etc...) so I ran to get it, threw a zipper on and it was actually perfect!  (just don't look at the back)

Ooooh!  I smell popcorn, so I gotta go!!



Rachel said...

Yumm!! coner cupboard taters!!! Hope yall have fun!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Does this mean you're going to be working hard over the next few weeks because it would be awesome to know someone else is doing the same kind of stuff as me !

Whatever you do have fun, Jenn.

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