Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Slow

I remember when I was a teenager in the 80s, and our family being somewhat financially deprived, I always missed out on the latest clothing fads...I was slow...behind the times...poor.  One specific example I remember was when prairie skirts were popular and Gunne Sax was IT.

Everyone had one - everyone but me.  One day, we went shopping at a local thrift store (we shopped at thrift stores before they were popular!) and I found a prairie skirt!!  I was ecstatic!
Never mind that it was at least a year past their time of popularity and they were pretty much out of fashion.  Never mind that I didn't have a cute peasant blouse or puffy shirt to wear it with.
Never mind that it was also a very ugly shade of brown and brown was not a popular color at the time.
Never mind that I didn't have any cute little dressy shoes or cowboy boots everyone was wearing with this kind of outfit....I honestly don't remember what I wore with it, but I just remember that it wasn't a complete outfit.  By gosh, I finally had a prairie skirt and I was going to wear it!!!
Yeah, I know....poor Jenn, right?

Anyway, I still feel behind-the-times now and not just in clothing fashion - I could actually care less about that!  I seem to discover designer fabric long after it has made it's debut.  Partially because I don't want to spend the money on it when it hits the market at it's initial high prices, and partially because I'm just too busy to follow the latest designers and their work.

Yesterday, this box arrived.....

I LOVE !  It is so far the best online fabric store I know of!  Every day they have a "deal of the day" where they have a special on something and it's usually a very good price. In addition, every Wednesday they put out a special set of cotton fabrics for only $3.95 per yard and this pricing lasts for a full week and then they do a different set the following week.
So, last week I went crazy and bought a bunch of Heather Bailey's Pop Garden and Bijoux fabrics.

Since this line came out in July 2008 I'm exactly two years late!  But, I decided it doesn't matter.
So what if I'm behind the times in fabric fashion.
So what if I can't afford the latest fabric fad
SO WHAT!!! (Please note, I am not fussing at anyone but myself here).
I think the fabric is gorgeous and will look great in some of my pinafore sets!!!  Perhaps I can even make a quilt or quillow out of the entire bunch!!

Oh, and the coupons are great, too!!!  I can almost always use a coupon - even when the fabric is on sale!!!

Shame on me for not mentioning that they ship it ALL to you for FREE if you spend at least $35 and that's pretty easy!!

To add to that craziness, yesterday I went to check out their Wednesday $3.95 sale and found they were having another, even more fabulous sale!!!

I bought a butt-load of Free Spirit fabrics for only $2.49 per yard!!!!!!  Again - fabrics that debuted a couple of years ago, but at those prices  - WHO CARES!!!  (and I used that coupon!!)

Today I am working on finishing up the drapes for my daughters.

I have the lined panels made and now need to work on setting the grommets.

I also chose a fabric for my IBC.

This really isn't my favorite fabric, I just have a lot of it and it kinda goes with my window valances.

If I could afford it, I would have decorated my entire sewing room in this line

I'll just get some when it makes it to the $2.49 discount table!!

All in all, to my luck, fashion sometimes come full circle and now at least I've got my prairie skirts!


Pokey said...

so, you're a little "pokey", huh? Glad to have your company!

I still like prarie skirts, too. Oh, I joined in on that $2.50 sale, it was too good to miss out on. But, I choose to call my "not being able to afford" purchases, "making wise choices" or, "being a good steward".

Hope you're stuff comes soon, it's better than waiting on Christmas!!

trish said...

If it weren't for thrift stores and hand me downs, I would have gone to school naked. :o) Once I was of babysitting age, all my $ went to clothes. :o)
Your fabrics are gorgeous and who cares if they are a couple years behind. :o) They are timeless patterns and you will create something beautiful from them!
The one thing I dislike about buying fabric is that I will see something I really like and it is unavailable, because it only sells for so long.
Your skirts are just too pretty!!
Have a wonderful day. :o)
Sincerely ~ Trish

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Forget the fabric! I'm totally in love with that table in your sewing room! :o)

I've never been one to adhere to current fashion. (I guess that's why my hair has been in a 'bob' since 1994!) I've learned that if it fits well and is a flattering color, that's all that really matters to me.

Love the choice of colors you're using! Those curtains are fabulous. I'm going over to right now. Thanks! Happy Sewing! :o)

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Thanks for the tip on the fabric...thats a great price on some very pretty fabrics you chose. Trish

Kathleen said...

Who cares how long ago they came out... they are beautiful fabrics. Thanks for the shopping tip!

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