Friday, July 23, 2010

Sew and Tell Friday

It's been a fun week for me here in Bonetown.  Now that we're in between construction projects, my DH has allowed me a week to stay home and do whatever I please.  Surprisingly, I chose to spend a large part of the week re-arranging and re-organizing...I imagine that's because I probably feel guilty for not having to do any hard labor at the jobsite, while he's up in town digging a footing and laying a foundation for this house that we moved and plan to renovate and sell.

I also did a little home decor work this week.  I was able to finish the drapes for our daughters after royally messing up with the grommet installation - luckily, I was able to salvage the project without too much noticeable damage.

I was able to test-hang them at our back doorway where the cabinets provide a perfect ledge with just the right height.  We are planning to deliver and install them tonight and the girls are going to make us pizza!!  We're taking one of our Netflix movies up with us and we'll have a regular Friday pizza party tonight...looking forward to it!!  :)

I also was inspired to recover my ironing board, thanks to Larri at Seams Inspired.  These are not necessarily my favorite colors, but I wanted to match my existing valances which I made recently and I thought a little room-brightening was in order.

I also thought the stripes would be a handy tool for visually squaring things up and such.
It ended up being so easy to do that I grabbed my "Go" board and sleeve board and did them too!

Here's a stripey picture for ya!

The last thing I semi-accomplished would have to be another quillow, of course!  I'm fresh out of hand quilting and I forgot that I had halfway assembled this Quillow out of Paula Prass's "Flights of Fancy", so I finished it up and now it is ready for quilting.  The first picture is the quilt portion of the Quillow and then you fold it up and insert it into a hidden pocket on the back of the quilt and you get a tidy pillow as seen in the next picture!

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone is sharing for Sew-n-Tell Friday at amylouwho's!


trish said...

Hi Jenn.
the girl's curtains look fabulous! You did a great job. And how awesome to have them hang perfectly between your cabinets to see how they look. :o) We will have our pizza tonight too! :o) Not sure what movie to see yet. Have you seen "Up"? It is so cute. :o)
Your ironing boards look great! You make it look so easy. :o)
And what a cute pillow! Will they go together as a set?
Have a great weekend friend.
Sincerely ~ Trish

Lesly said...

Love how your family of ironing boards is all dressed up in matching outfits! And that pillow is so cute - love that fabric line!

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Your IBC's look great! They add to your already bright and cheery room. Thanks for linking me! :o) I had a thought while reading your could tick off inch-marks on one of the stripes for measuring at the ironing board.

I love the quillow! The colors are absolutely beautiful. I bet the girls will be so happy with their curtains. Enjoy the pizza and movie! Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday and Happy Sewing! :o)

Leslie said...

the fabric for this quillow is gorgeous. i love it. you have been so productive this week. it feels good, i know.

Carla said...

Wow Jenn, you have been really busy. I think your curtains look very modern and pretty. I've been wanting to cover my ironing board and you have inspired me.
The contrast in the fabrics of the quilt really make it pop and happy, love it!

p.s.phyllis sews said...

Thanks for a great tip about the striped fabric on the ironing board! I just might have to recover mine!
Your sewing room is looking great!

Dee said...

sew inspiring! the curtains look great, you remind me I need to get a new cover or make one for my ironing board and the quillow is, as usual, awesome!

great finishes!

Jan said...

LOVE the stripes on your ironing boards! Have fabric ready and need a new cover for just to DO it!

P. said...

Such a great idea, that quillow! I really like the black/white/red fabrics. Your curtains and ironing board covers turned out great too!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Yep-I'm loving the quillow in those fabrics too. And I think thats the second time now I've commented on how much I like the red/black/white fabric it's time for me to consider getting some for my stash.

Congrats on the ironing board cover and curtains as have been busy, and it all looks fab!

Pokey said...

You are one productive lady! No slouching for you, huh? The curtains look good, I know they'll appreciate them.

I like the matching ironing board covers. Your quillow is so cute in those fabrics! I'm assuming it is going in the shop? It will sell for sure! Beautiful work, as always!

pinksuedeshoe said...

I hope your Friday night party was awesome, those stripey covers sure are happy!

Paula Prass said...

Well I just came upon your blog and am thrilled to see my fabrics and how creatively you are using them. I keep needing to make myself new ironing board covers and you have inspired me!

I am working on my 4th fabric collection and maybe a 5th as a children's line. Gotta keep everyone busy, right?

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