Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to the grind...

I had a lovely week, last week, as I got to stay home and piddle in my sewing room for several days.
But this past Monday, it was time to head to the next project.
So, I donned my new construction kicks - got these for a whopping $4.50 at our local Goodwill.  They're all leather and hardly worn but definitely broken in - thank you!
We've been working on the 'moved' house this week as it's been since March, I believe, that it was first delivered to it's new home and the house movers still need to lower the house so they can have their truck and girders back!  Normally, it doesn't take this long for this to happen, but since business is slow for house-movers and we were busy building a house, they were extremely lenient in waiting for us to construct a foundation and for that we are extremely thankful!!
Anyway, the masons have been working to build up the foundation and the porches for the past few days.
They have to leave these big gaps in the blockwork so they house movers can get their girders out, which the masons will then fill in with block.
Today they are doing just that - the hubby just left to go up to the jobsite and I'll head up there in a bit to take some final pictures of the finished project.

Supposedly they will insert big hydraulic jacks under the house, and lift it up a bit, and remove the lumber little by little until the house sets down on the prepared foundation.
That pipe in the top center is an old dryer vent

There are 14 piers underneath the house which will help to support it. and create a crawlspace under the house.

You know how us quilters talk incessantly about using our fabric scraps and making beautiful projects out of them?...well, I can't figure out why homebuilders don't do the same with their 'scrap' wood!!  :)
I'll be back with more pictures of the house, but I'll leave you with a few treasures we found while digging.



Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

I hope your horse shoes mean good luck for you or should I say bring you good luck. Trish

trish said...

Yay! New shoes! :o) Great find.
I know what you mean about scrap wood. I just wish I could find an old barn being torn down. It would be like Christmas to me! :o)
I am still amazed that an actual house can be moved from one location to another!
Hope you are having a super weekend! I am totally jealous by the way! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia

davidsonsonsonson said...

I really like reading this post and I am very happy that you posted it on this blog...

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