Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Rainy Days...

Can't remember the last time we had plenty of sunshine....its been overcast and occasionally rainy for so many days, which really doesn't bother me as I'm nice and cozy inside with nowhere to go. It kind of fits my mood, too....quiet, cloudy, moody....perfect weather for holeing up in my sewing room and plugging away at quillows.
Here's a completed stack ready for tags and storage in my craft show boxes. I really enjoy working with these fun novelty fabrics!

I searched high and low for the right size boxes to transport my quillows to and from craft shows and finally ended up with the best deal at U-haul. The price was great so we bought about 8 of them and it looks like I'll need all 8 of them for the big craft show in Myrtle Beach this December.

I've also been working on these little guys in addition to some checkbook covers from the same fabric.

This idea came from my youngest daughter when she suggested I design a pouch similar to what she and her friends carry around on college campus. The zipper pocket is for their money, the clear pocket on back is for their school ID and the keyring holds their dorm key. So glad she suggested that because I sell so many of these at craft shows and they are a lot of fun to make.

After reading Dana's blog this morning, Old Red Barn Co, I think I might find some time to work on my computer chair today!

What a great solution, Dana ~ thanks!

I've finally completed my Stepping Stones quilt! I think I started it back in March...can't quite remember. Anyway, I still haven't been able to get some good pictures because the sun won't cooperate, but I wanted to at least get something so I could get my quilt listed in my shop, so these will have to do for now.

Now, one of my tasks today is to get something ready for hand quilting so I'll have a project to work on tonight while watching Biggest Loser.

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So glad i could help!

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