Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quiet Times

So many things on my mind this morning. It's like this most every morning.This is where I try to spend my mornings, having a quiet time.

Quillows on my left

and right,

waiting to be completed.
The computer in front of me, beckoning me to sit and surf.

What I really need to concentrate on is what's right in front of me....

I drink my coffee, read, pray, write in my journal, but most often I find my mind wandering and thinking....wondering....dreaming....This book has helped me for many years to focus my thinking in the morning hours.

I actually gave it to myself!

I highly recommend it for anyone who's looking for a good devotional book.

It has a reading segment each day that includes Scripture and an area to write your thoughts.

I don't always use this writing area, either because I'm not stimulated to write about what I've just read, or I end up writing those thoughts in my journal because the space in the book is not large enough to contain my thoughts. I try to write the year next to any thoughts I write in this book, because it's interesting to go back and see what I was thinking and feeling in past years and maybe how I've learned something or overcame a struggle. It's important for me to spend this time each morning, meditating and praying and just calling upon my Lord for direction and blessing each day. I lift my children up each day asking for protection, guidance and the blessing of a closer walk with Christ as they grow and mature. It was much harder to get to this quiet time when my children were little and I had to get up and get them ready for school, but now that they're all grown and almost all out on their own, the house is quiet and I have more time.

But, the temptations are still there....some mornings it's hard to concentrate and I have to force myself to stay quiet and wait upon the Lord when I want to jump up, get to work or even just veg in front of the computer, reading blogs and such. My days are so much better and more peaceful when I've allowed myself this time.

I took a little walk out in the yard this morning and noticed I still have flowers, despite the near freezing temperatures lately.

This bumblebee is so cold he can't move!

Yesterday, I was all set to take a nice long walk around our field before supper, but when I turned on my mp3 player to listen to my Jane Eyre audiobook, I heard about 3 words and then the battery died! I was truly upset, but went on my walk anyway. It was so beautiful and so relaxing even without my story!

Perhaps I'll charge my player and try again tonight!

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Arlette said...

Hi Jenn! Thank you for visiting my blog. I found out about the posting through my blog stats. She took the google translator on my blog, translated it to Portuguese, then copy and pasted my posts to her blog. If you translate her content back to English, you will see that it is my words taken verbatim from my posts. Take care!

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