Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sewing Sunday

Sometimes I think I get more sewing done on Sundays than on most other days of the week. Yesterday I didn't get a blasted thing sewn! Of course, I do try to reserve weekend sewing for things for myself or things I want to do and not necessarily items for customers or stock for my shop.

Today I started by chalking the last border segment of my Stepping Stones quilt and I'll probably finish hand quilting it tonight during The Amazing Race (I LOVE that show!)

Then, I finished piecing the border to my scrappy nine patch from amanda jean's quilt along. I taped it to the floor, layered it and pinned it.

I debated as to whether I would machine quilt or hand quilt it and the machine won. I've seen lots of free motion pebble quilting lately and really wanted to give it a try. I also wanted to venture beyond stippling and meandering! So, I did a little practice and then dove in! I'm keeping this quilt for myself so I figured it was OK to practice on it. Actually, it was probably imperative that I practiced on it if I ever wanted to get any better at machine quilting!

I noticed after a while that gradually my circles got more uniform and neater looking and that I did better moving in a counter-clockwise motion. This is the largest thing I've ever machine quilted (64 x 70) so working towards the middle was very tough for me and I still feel like I'm struggling and not relaxing enough. A tutorial I watched suggested going around each circle at least twice but I found it looked too oversewn for me and I go around once and sometimes a bit more to get where I want to start the next pebble.

All in all, I got about 1/3 of it completed so far and used up 3 bobbins! Time for a break, though, and maybe I'll pick it up again next weekend.

It's been cooling off slowly down south here and this morning we finally had to turn the heat on as it was only 64° in the house! Brrrr! Nothing a hot cup of coffee can't cure, of course! My husband always makes breakfast on Sundays so it was nice to wake up to a fresh pot, homemade breakfast burritos and a warm house!

Life is good!

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