Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rainy Day

My weekend is coming along nicely. We didn’t have a craft show anywhere so I get to revert back to what I consider a “regular” weekend. The kind of weekends I used to have before I started my sewing business.
On Friday my husband and I finished up some of his folding chairs for delivery to a customer.

He makes them out of treated lumber and then I make the "slings".
We drove about 90 miles to make this delivery.

I didn’t mind the ride at all as it gave me a chance to get back to my needlework. I put this down several months ago and have been waiting for a chance to pick it back up again. I actually did this one from start to finish on our short trip!

Then, we made good use of our trip to town and I visited all the fabric stores and bought a TON of fabric – ALL for quillows!

I live 30 minutes from a fabric store of any kind (Wal-mart is the closest and there’s only ONE true quilt shop within a 90 mile radius!)

We topped the evening off with a lovely dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. We’ve been sharing our meals lately and this way we can enjoy the whole gamut – appetizer, entrée and dessert - and it costs much less than if we bought two meals! We were so full that we even had dessert leftover and took it home to our daughter…she was pleasantly surprised! Not often do you get a hearty piece of chocolate cake delivered right to your bedroom door with a fork stuck in it! SURPRISE!

This morning we had breakfast at waffle house – no sharing there, thank you. Then I had to do more fabric shopping because I couldn’t find all I was looking for last night. After that, we picked up our weekly groceries and headed home.

Now comes the part I’ve dreaded all weekend…time to clean house. So, I cranked up the tunes on my mp3 and sang my way thru the tasks in record time! I’ve borrowed a few of my youngest daughter’s music CDs and play them for just this sort of need…Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Spice Girls and Vitamin C are great companions when it comes to housecleaning!

Right now the hubby is napping in living room, the oldest daughter at work, and the house is quiet and peaceful except for the distant hum of the washing machine.

I am enjoying this rainy day, baking and blogging….strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting (no big deal - just a box mix) and now I’m working on peanut butter cookies (scratch) to send to my boy away at college. To me, peanut butter cookies MUST have the criss-cross on the top or they just don't taste the same! Don't you agree? :)

I don't really feel like sewing today so perhaps I’ll get a chance to do some tomorrow afternoon. I finished my Stepping Stones quilt on Thursday and wanted to take it outside to get some good pictures, but the rain made that a little tough ~ guess I’ll try another day.

I feel like snuggling up with a hot chocolate and peanut butter cookies and watching The Little Mermaid! Wanna join me?


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